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 Since 1998 as one of our added services, we offer at BuyRosePetals.com is mailing clients free samples of silk rose petals.

We believe that viewing the color of a silk rose petal online may not give you the exact color you are trying to match with your event.   If you have enough time before your wedding or party, we suggest if you are having a hard time finding the right color combination order a free sample of silk rose petals.  This will also allow you to see the quality of our silk rose petals we have been shipping worldwide for over 15 years


  • USA ONLY  Silk rose petal samples are free.   Freeze dried petals are $5.95 includes shipping- Purchase Here
  • INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS- Silk rose petal samples you must pay for shipping $1.99 click here to purchase.
  • International Freeze Dried Samples - we do not send samples international addresses any longer.  Sorry, this is according to regulations with our grower. 

Shipping is via regular first class mail is free within USA.  We ask you do not take advantage of the service so, we may continue to provide this service as postal costs are rising. 


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