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This is where you will find all our information on our rose petals.  The rose petal suggestion guide, samples, even our rose petal contest where we draw one lucky winner each month to win 1,000 free silk rose petals.  

We hope this helps you to determine the quantity of either artificial rose petals or freeze dried rose petals you will need for each decorating job.   Still not sure?  Send us an email and ask our professional floral designers, we will be more than happy to assist!

***Beginning in October 2015 we have changed our minimum purchase of rose petals to 500 petals. This is 500 petals total,  not of one color, you may mix your colors.  You may make a special request for smaller quantities but shipping may take longer due to availability.   

We also allow you to mix and match colors, on as little as the 500 petals.  If you order 500 petals, you may mix up to 5 colors.  Due to the fact we carry over 75 colors, if you would like more than one color in your order, just enter the colors you want us to mix in the "special instructions" box while ordering. 

How Many Rose Petals Do I Need?

That is the question we get asked every day.  Follow links or scroll below to view our Silk Rose Petal & Freeze Dried Rose Petal Information Guide and photo demos.   

 Silk Rose Petal Quantity Suggestions

Our silk rose petals are not packaged in fancy boxes or packages. We believe most are used for decorating purposes our prices reflect that. Smaller packaging means less waste, more savings on shipping charges. Direct importers of silk rose petals for over 15 years, we have been selling the same artificial rose petals we did when we started. Same consistent coloring and quality, keeping with current color trends. 

 rose petal suggestion guide

  • Silk Rose Petals - About 10 petals per guest
  • Freeze Dried Rose Petals - 1/2 cup per guest
  • Petal Toss - Aproximately 10 silk rose petals per guest
  • Petals into organza bags - 5 petals in a 3 x 4 bag and 10-15 petals in a 4 x 5 bag
  • Table Decoration - 25-100 silk rose petals ( demo shown in photos below)
  • Wedding Aisle - Dense 12 inch Border ( includes both sides) 5,000 silk rose petals per 10 feet 
  • Wedding Aisle -Light Coverage - As Shown  - Use 1,000 silk rose petals for every 10 feet


   Proper Storage Silk Rose Petals

  • Store in dry area away from moisture and humidity
  • darker colors like burgundy, black magic use more dye and may have a slight smell from being packaged right from dye process.
  • Just open packages to air out by dumping into a larger bag before storing
  • Before using toss into larger bag and mix colors, some petals may be stuck together
  • Please clean up outside venues where rose petals will be used- silk rose petals are not biodegradable

Freeze Dried Rose Petals - Quantity Suggestions & Guide

We have partnered with New Yorks largest producer of freeze dried rose petals.  Quality flower petals with a true freeze drying process.  These are not the inferior quality imitation petals that some sites are selling as "freeze dried" rose petals when in fact they are not. Made in the USA using renewable wind power and all rose petals are processed and ship out of New York.

What are freeze dried rose petals you ask? They are actually fresh rose petals by which through a process the moisture is removed, leaving the same color and look of a fresh rose petal but with a longer shelf life.  Eco friendly and biodegradble these type rose petals are perfect for destination weddings and outdoor events where you do not want to litter the earth with a product that does not biodegrade.  ** Check with your venue prior to ordering silk or freeze dried petals as every site has different regulations**


  • Tossing:  Aproximately 1 cup per guest.
  • Average count of freeze dried rose petals per cup is 35-40 rose petals.  
  • Table decoration:  60 inch round table sprinkle in center- 3 cups per table. 
  • Aisle, per square foot ( See Photos Above):  3 cups for dense,  2 cups for moderate, 1 cup for light sprinkle.
  • Flower girl:  6 to 10  cups per flower girl depending on size of baskets


Proper Care for Freeze Dried Petal Storage -

  • Store in a cool, dry, dark  place preferbly lower humidity 30-35%
  • Do not place in direct sunlight for storage as this will increase the risk of color fading
  • Do NOT refrigerate or freeze - They are already properly processed!
  • Do not store in wet, humid areas
  • They will store for months given proper storage
  • To soften petals- put into a steamed bathroom and let soften for few minutes



 How To Videos:  View our You Tube Videos.



My Fair Wedding - 

Breast Cancer Awareness Bride-Season 4

Want to achieve this look?  For the Breast Cancer Awarness episode where pink silk rose petals were used. A quantity of  50,000 pink silk rose petals were used to achieve the look of this platform and the rose petal aisle decoration. 

Shades used were pink, blush and bridal pink. 


Photos courtesy of Michael Segal WeddingsThe David Tutera team, the Wetv network, and Pilgrim Films

April in Paris Episode-Season 5

For this episode "April in Paris" David discusses the wedding with the couple.  In the backround you can see the tables set up with strands of rose petal garlands.   Also yellow rose petal garlands were strung from the ceiling for the main dance floor focal point.  

Each table had market umbrellas with draping yellow rose petal garlands. Click here on instructions on how to make rose petal garland? 

Photos courtesy of Michael Segal WeddingsThe David Tutera team, the Wetv network, and Pilgrim Filmsapril-in-paris-mfw.jpg

Photos courtesy of Michael Segal WeddingsThe David Tutera team, the Wetv network, and Pilgrim Films 


Wholesale Silk Rose Petals -

  Own a business?  We sell wholesale.  Click here to register  ***Coupon codes and promotions do not apply to wholesale clients.